Our Story

Nugu was co-founded by Sumanth Sampath and Sonali Sharma in 2017. 

Having worked in the craft sector for over ten years, we realized that indigenous communities have great handcrafting skills. However, due to a lack of job and business opportunities within their communities, they are forced to abandon their core strengths and migrate to cities to perform low paying jobs. 


As ceramists and makers, we were also aware of the gaining popularity of handmade ceramics across the world, especially among the design, health, and environmentally conscious consumers. 

Nugu was born organically as an innovative solution to solve the indigenous people's unemployment and migration problems while building a global artisanal brand that meets the rising demand for contemporary handcrafted products.

Our pilot project, based in Mulluru Village in South-West Karnataka, has provided skill development and dignified jobs to over 60 people from indigenous Nayaka and Kuruba tribes. 

In the span of just 2 years, we have created bespoke handcrafted tableware for the best restaurants and hotels across India. Recognizing Nugu as a leading brand and a singular destination for the discerning.

Positively Impacting our Eco-system

Environmental Impact

Social Impact

Conscious Crafting