Conscious Handcrafting

Crafting Nugu IronStone

From locally sourced clays to the collective imagination of our indigenous craftspeople and specialists, it's the journey that breathes life into every Nugu Dinnerware.

We take enormous pride in our Nugu made IronStone. Our design process is a close collaboration between us and our clients.


Agile and Conscious 

Every Nugu product begins life as a combination of many clays and minerals, which are sourced locally and ethically. Our agile in-house processing allows us to not only maintain excellent quality but also create multiple clay bodies to best suit our client aesthetics. Unused clay from production and all wastewater is harnessed and recycled.



Each Nugu piece passes through the hands of at least 20 skilled craftspeople. Our principles of timeless design along with an emphasis on quality, ensure that your Nugu tableware will last a lifetime. 

We use a mix of traditional and modern tools and machinery to craft each piece. From the potter's wheel to solid casting, our processes enable us to realize our client's imagination. 


Glazing & Finishing

We design and develop all our glazes at Nugu. All our glazes are made in house from locally sourced minerals and are Lead, Cadmium, and Selenium free. Each piece of pottery is glazed by hands, allowing for an equal dose of craftmanship and Maya that makes our pottery truly unique.

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Full Vitrification Firing 

All Nugu products made of our proprietary IronStone clay body is twice fired to high temperatures of over 1260 degrees Celcius, resulting in a strong and durable product that can withstand the bustle of a busy commercial kitchen or be cherished in your home for a lifetime. 


Our Team

Building Eco-Consciousness