Environmental Impact

Global warming and the fast-changing Earth's climate is negatively impacting our daily lives. The GreenHouse Emissions from human activities are at the highest levels in history. The UN Sustainable Development Goals call for quick action to combat climate change and its impact.

We believe that small scale local businesses that use local resources, designed for environment manufacturing methods, and environment-conscious approaches like recycling to create an eco-friendly product is a good solution to replace large scale mass manufacturing units that import raw materials and produce large amounts of emissions and waste to make products at a lower cost.


Located on a Permaculture farm, we have planted over 8000 trees in the past 4 years to create a sustainable food forest and to sequester all the carbon that we generate due to the use of kilns and our operations.


In the future, we intend to give free fruit and forest trees to neighbouring communities to promote growing of perennial trees rather than tilling the land and monoculture farming.


We use Batch Kilns rather than Continuous Tunnel Kilns that are used by most large scale manufacturers. This tremendously reduces our fuel consumption.

Apart from using locally sourced raw materials, we also recycle all the water, clay and rejects. 

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The Pottery, as well as living spaces on the farm, are built using repurposed shipping containers. 

This offers a sustainable, cost-effective and quick method of building spaces that are safe,  enduring and strong.

Handcrafting IronStone

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