As a conscious organization, Nugu continuously focuses on positively impacting our ecosystem. 


Indigenous Peoples Unemployment is a prime focus area in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We believe in the great handcrafting and naturalistic skills of these communities and that real development lies in mutual learning and collaboration.

We aim at positively impacting the indigenous ecosystem by building artisanal businesses that provide skill development, dignified jobs, aspirational careers and entrepreneurship support within the communities.


Large scale ceramic manufacturing units harm the environment by releasing CO2 gases, water pollution, and waste production.

Nugu's Designed for Environment Business Model builds small scale production units that use local resources, recycle water, batch kiln production and carbon sequestration methods to nullify the carbon impact.

Based on a Permaculture farm, we have planted 10000 trees in the past 3 years to create a sustainable food forest at Nugu.


From choosing the raw materials to designing and making the final product, we consciously and thoughtfully aim for perfection. 

Each Nugu product touches the hands of at least 20 craftsmen that carefully craft it at each level of making.

We can proudly say that our products are organic, strong and inert.



Upaya Social Ventures

Upaya Social Ventures is a US-based NGO that creates dignified jobs by partnering with early-stage social enterprises. In 2019 Nugu partnered with Upaya Social Ventures to help achieve our vision. They are mentoring us to achieve our impact and business goals.