Shoonya Mug - Green


Shoonya – a minimalistic collection for the modern homes. This contemporary design celebrates natural clay finishes with organic textures in sleek forms. Available in two colors – Blue and Green, this plate is a part of an exquisite Shoonya breakfast set. 



Material: This handcrafted mug is made of natural clay and minerals.

Making: Each Nugu product is handcrafted and hand-glazed with care and precision, rendering each piece to be unique.  It is fired to a high temperature that transforms the clay into stoneware ceramics, thereby making it strong, chip-resistant, and completely food safe. As we use reactive glazes the colors of the product might vary a bit from what is seen in the images.


Our creations are Lead & Cadmium free. All our wares are high-fired to over 1260°C, rendering them inert to be used safely for your entire family. We meet the strictest compliance standards – the US Food & Drug Administration and California Proposition 65 health standards. We do not use animal bone ash hence, suitable for those with religious and animal welfare concerns. All our wares are non-porous and do not absorb grease, odors and bacteria, ensuring optimal hygiene.


Shoonya Mug - Green

SKU: ShGr-Mu-Tr-400
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    • Diameter: 3.75 inches
    • Height: 3.75 inches