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Social Impact

'Indigenous people are inheritors and practitioners of distinct cultures and relationships with people, communities, and the environment. They, as custodians of nature have great handcrafting, artisanal and sustainable living skills. They are also one of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of people across the world and suffer from problems as displacement, unemployment, and protection of their rights, (United Nations - Indigenous Peoples).' 

We believe that indigenous empowerment lies in collaborating and supporting them in developing their ecosystem rather than forcing them to migrate to cities and perform jobs that are not of their interest or strength. 


Nugu helps indigenous communities by building small scale artisanal businesses that provide skill development, dignified jobs, aspirational careers and entrepreneurship support to them. 

Skill Development

We work with skilled as well as aspirational craftsmen by providing an 'On the Job' paid training that allows indigenous people to develop their crafting and making abilities. 

Dignified Jobs

We provide long term job opportunities with competitive salaries, promotion possibilities and an aspirational career in the field of designing and making handcrafted sustainable products.

Entrepreneurship Support

We develop Entrepreneurship & Leadership by co-creating Development Plans with indigenous people and communities. We use an integrated learning approach through Online Training, On The Job Training, Coaching, Sustainable Projects, Self Expression Leadership Programs, Design Thinking Programs, Project Management, Fund Raising, etc.



Upaya Social Ventures

Upaya Social Ventures creates dignified jobs by partnering with early-stage entrepreneurs to scale their businesses, employing more people in their communities. The businesses we work with are often too large for micro-loans, but their business models are not yet suitable for investments from local banks or venture capitalists due to the risk involved and support needed.  

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